Our services

Eyetalk takes a holistic approach. Strategy, messaging, design, and content are more effective when consistent. For some clients, we work one project at a time. For others, we provide ongoing support on a retainer basis.


We help clients to set communication goals and produce messages for their target audiences, often helping to bridge the public and private sectors.


We are story fanatics. We believe that the best way to deliver messages is by telling stories. Our content services include report writing, op-eds, press releases, stories for websites, and more.


Our designers give visual impact for report layouts, social media campaigns, and more.

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We help clients to maximise their impact and visibility at meetings, conferences, and other international events.


With backgrounds in top media, we help clients to manage media, putting out the good news and handling the bad.


We help clients to manage their digital channels, building audience and impact through website, social media, and more.

Image © f11photo/Adobe Stock
Image © Grecaud Paul/Adobe Stock