About us

Eyetalk was set up by Natalia Reiter and Edward Harris, who team up with graphic and digital designers to deliver a full range of communication services.

Natalia believes that bridging the public and private sectors will produce some of society’s biggest advances.

Based in Berlin, Warsaw, and London, Natalia began her career covering some of Europe’s top political and economic stories for Die Zeit and Reuters. In her first communication roles, Natalia advised WWF leadership on media and led their media team at the Copenhagen climate summit. Since then, she has supported the EU, Ghana, and Myanmar governments to communicate on climate, written a coffee sustainability report for Louis Dreyfus Company, and worked with the EU, UN, and multinational companies.

Natalia Reiter
Edward Harris

Edward mixes interest in sustainability with passion for story.

After studying politics and economics at Oxford, Edward worked on social development projects in the Former Soviet Union (non-profits, consultancy, and the UK government) and as a journalist in East Africa (Reuters, Economist, BBC) where he covered a range of humanitarian, environmental, and other sustainability issues. More recently, Edward has held communication director roles with Kofi Annan, the UN, and, in Moscow, with the ICRC. At UNCTAD, Edward led his team to increase media visibility by 50 percent from 900 media stories per month to 1,350. The website moved up 20,000 places on a global ranking. Edward has written and placed opinion pieces in CNN, The Guardian, East African, Izvestiya, and more.

As Eyetalk’s digital expert, Gisella loves it when her clients look good on digital. She takes pride in promoting stories.

Gisella began her digital career more than a decade ago by marketing content online for some of Italy’s top publishers, advertisers, and marketing agencies. Curious to see the world, she then spent five years in Africa managing online projects for advertisers and EU projects on sustainability. Since returning to Europe, Gisella has consulted on literally thousands of digital campaigns for some of Italy’s largest companies in a range of sectors, from fashion and energy to car makers, insurance, and technology.

Gisella Gallenca

Chris mixes a global footprint with a passion for stories that inspire action.

Chris is a strategic communications professional that has lived and worked across North America, Asia, and Africa. He combines a background in print, radio, television and digital media with a passion for both human and environmental health issues, sustainability, technology and sport. He has worked with WWF in China, Singapore and Canada, and in Malawi with Dignitas International where he focused on global health issues that impact some of the world’s most marginalized people. Currently based in Toronto, Canada, Chris uses his diverse background to help major corporations, non-profits, and individuals tell their stories to a global audience.

Agata is Eyetalk’s creative and design lead. She knows great graphic design plays a role in every industry.

Agata is an accomplished creative designer that pushes the boundaries of her craft, helping clients capture the best of their brand and inspire people to explore new ideas. She has been Instrumental in major rebranding efforts and the driving force behind compelling visual identities for UN agencies and large multinational companies, Agata creates distinctive and memorable campaigns, reports, and social media.